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Inspired collaboration to advance the quality of patient care


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Inspired collaboration to advance the quality of patient care


We believe that when smart, passionate people get together around an important issue, good things naturally happen.



Healthcare executives are focused on patient-centered care. Patients are more informed about choices than ever before. Provider-patient collaboration is the new standard. Yet according to industry watchdog The Leapfrog Group, "1000 people will die today due to preventable hospital errors." We must do better.  


Industry collaboration among top decision makers from America's leading healthcare providers is the key. Transparent conversations must be driven by a diverse group of experts passionate about disrupting the status quo in pursuit of excellence in patient care and safety. It’s time to come together at our invitation-only executive forum.



Leaders need to lead. Healthcare Innovation Forums provide the executive watering hole where CMOs, Heads of Surgery and Directors of Infection Control, Nursing and Facilities are joined by trusted colleagues to meet for media-free, vendor-neutral dialog. The result? Immediate, positive outcomes.


Real advancement in the quality of patient care and safety will only be realized when top healthcare providers invite their strategic partners to join them on this important journey.  The right stakeholders. The single-minded goal of advancing the quality of patient care and safety. It’s the formula for success.